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Rod of the Hells

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Rod of the Hells


The Rod of the Hells is a rod added by Botania. By using Mana from a Mana Tablet in the player's inventory, the Rod of the Hells will cast a circle of red fire clouds around the player, and any entity including the caster will burn inside the circle.

Using the Rod costs 900 Mana, and will create a ring of fire with a radius of 5 blocks. After 2 seconds any creature inside the ring will be set on fire for 4 seconds and repeatedly take fire damage until it leaves the ring. The ring will disappear after 15 seconds.

After using this Rod the player cannot use any Rod of this type for 60 seconds. The cooldown is shown by a white overlay on the Rod in the hotbar.

Wearing a full set of Manaweave Robes will decrease the cooldown to 30 seconds and decrease the mana cost by 35%.

When this rod is given to a Livingwood Avatar, it will create fire rings as normal, using 900 Mana every 15 seconds.

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