Rod of the Skies

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Rod of the Skies


The Rod of the Skies is a rod added by Botania. By using Mana from a player-carried Mana Tablet, the Rod of the Skies propels the player into the air at a very high velocity.

When used, the Rod will consume 350 Mana and the user will be propelled 33 blocks up. Wearing the full set of Manaweave Robes will increase the height to 45 blocks and reduce the cost by 35%.

This item does not have durability, but each time the rod is used, it must recharge and the durability bar shows the current state of recharging. When the durability bar has fully recharged the Rod can be used again and the durability bar will disappear.

The user is protected from any fall damage while the Rod is recharging.

When the Rod is given to a Livingwood Avatar, every time a player jumps in a 13x13 area around the Avatar they will be launched 35 blocks up and given the Feather Feet effect for 5 seconds. This will consume 350 Mana per jump.

Recipe[edit | edit source]