Rowan Wood Door

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Rowan Wood Door

TypeSolid block
Blast resistance5

The Rowan Wood Door is a block from the Witchery mod. This block is similar to the vanilla Wooden Door. Though, when this block is placed, the player will be given a Rowan Door Key. The Door Key that is linked to the door of that coordinate is the only way to open these doors. Redstone signals cannot open Rowan Wood Doors, however they can close them.

Version 0.20.4 of Witchery included several tweaks to the way that Rowan Wood Doors function. As of this version, the keys are only required to be in the user's inventory. The door will no longer break when the block underneath it is broken. It will also drop sticks, rather than the door, if the breaker does not have the key in their inventory.

Recipe[edit | edit source]