Runic Altar

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Runic Altar

TypeSolid block

The Runic Altar is a block added by Botania. It is used to craft runes.

Usage[edit | edit source]

To create a rune, certain items must be placed onto the altar (in any order), by either right-clicking the altar with them or throwing onto the altar. The placed items will be shown orbiting above the altar. Looking at the altar will display its contents.

Shift right-clicking the Runic Altar with an empty hand will return the last placed item into the player's inventory. The items cannot be retrieved after the altar has been activated.

Sparks around the Runic Altar, signalling that it has consumed enough Mana.

When all necessary items are placed on the altar it will activate and start accepting Mana. Any Mana Spreader supplied with a Mana source must be directed at the altar to give it Mana. Crafting progress is shown when looking at the altar.

The crafting progress display, showing it's almost done crafting a Rune of Earth.

When the altar has consumed enough Mana, it will start producing blue sparks. To complete crafting, right-click or throw a Livingrock on top of the altar, then use the Wand of the Forest.

For 20 seconds after crafting, right-clicking the altar with an empty hand will place items used for the last recipe.

All runes used in Runic Altar recipes will be returned after crafting.

A Redstone Comparator attached to the altar will output signal strength of 1 while the altar is accepting Mana, or 2 when it's ready to craft.

Recipe[edit | edit source]