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Template:Infobox author/en-gb SatanicSanta is a mod author and general programmer from the United States. He is the author of a few mods; Sparkly Pants, Santa's Decor, Santa's Toys, and Freedom. The mods do not have an overall theme across all of them. His mods can be found on the official thread, and CurseForge projects.

Currently, his mini mods, Santa's Decor, Santa's Toys, Sparkly Pants, and Freedom, are on a hiatus.

He is also the current maintainer of Flaxbeard's Steam Power with Xbony2.

He is also a staff member of the Feed The Beast Wiki. He is an editor, administrator, and bureaucrat of the wiki. On August 26, 2013, which was one week after his account was created, he was invited to be part of the FTB Wiki Staff. On September 15, 2013, he was officially announced as a Wiki Staff Member. Since then, he has maintained several mod's documentation here on the wiki, which can be seen at the mod maintainers page. He develops and maintains the Wiki/Twitter/IRC bot, SatanicBot, also known as LittleHelper and LittleHelperBot.

SatanicSanta was one of the original founding members of The Phoenix Team, a group of modded Minecraft community members that focus on creating mods, modpacks, and maps. He helped with the creation of some of the earlier packs, and some mods.

He develops the ModUpdater desktop/command-line application as well as the Minecraft Drama Generator Ruby and ModShields web applications. Additionally, he develops and maintains the MineTweaker syntax highlighting and code completion package for the Atom text editor.

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