Scandium (Sc)

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Scandium (Sc)

Tooltip textSc (21)
Transition Metal
Chemical compositionSc

Scandium (Sc) is an item and element added by MineChem. It has the atomic number 21 and the attributes Stable, Transition Metal and Stable.

As upgrade for the Polytool, Scandium increases the mining speed as axe (+8), but decreases the attack damage and the mining speed as shovel, for ores and stones (-2).

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Since it is an element, it can not be synthesized. Also there are no known compounds or items they can be decomposed with the Chemical Decomposer to obtain Scandium. It can only be produced with the Chemical Fusion and Fission chambers.

Chemical Bucket[edit | edit source]

Scandium (Sc) can be stored in space-saving chemical buckets.

Scandium in the real world[edit | edit source]

Real Scandium is a silvery solid, an element of the alkaline earth metals and also belongs to the group of rare earth elements. It is used e.g. in aluminum-scandium alloys for high performance materials such as in metal-halide lamps.