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Seed Oil (Forestry)

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This page is about the Seed Oil added by Forestry. For other uses, see Seed Oil.
Seed Oil


Seed Oil is a liquid introduced by Forestry. Seed Oil can be created in a Squeezer by squeezing seeds and nuts. Seed Oil is mainly used to craft certain items in a Carpenter, but it can also be used as a fuel in a Biogas Engine. Seed Oil can be transported through liquid pipes, capsules, buckets, and cans.

It can be pumped or manually transported into a Carpenter. Seed Oil is needed to craft Impregnated Casing and Impregnated Sticks. These two items are key for Forestry's beekeeping system, making Seed Oil a valuable liquid.

Seed Oil is also able to produce energy in a Biogas Engine. When Seed Oil is pumped or manually transported into the engine it produces 3 MJ/t for 2,500 ticks. Seed Oil is the second most efficient fuel for Biogas Engines.

Recipe[edit | edit source]