Seer Stone (Witchery)

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This page is about the Witchery Seer Stone. For other uses, see Seer Stone.
Seer Stone


The Seer Stone is a tool from the Witchery mod. This tool allows witches and warlocks to communicate over large distances. They are commonly used to assist in battle or performing rituals, by summoning other members of their coven. It can also be used on a player to reveal whether or not they have a curse.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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Rite of Infusion

Infuse a stone to communicate in a coven. Perform at night.

> Quartz Sphere
> Obsidian
> Happenstance Oil

Altar power 2000

Usage[edit | edit source]

Using the use key with a Seer Stone with summon a Coven Witch. When using it to assist in rituals, it can simply be used on the heart glyph. Likewise, it can be used on a player within 3 blocks to determine if they have a curse.

Sneak-using a Seer Stone will display information about the user in chat, such as familiars, number of witches in a coven, and which curses the player currently has.