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This page is about the Sensor added by RFTools. For other uses, see Sensor.

ModRF Tools

The Sensor is a Redstone logic machine added by RFTools.

The Sensor is a versatile monitoring device, similar to the vanilla Observer block. The Sensor will search in a straight line in front of the block. When the specified conditions are met, the Sensor will output a redstone signal.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Sensor Interface[edit | edit source]

The interface consists of three selectors that define the Sense Mode, the Sense Area and Sense Quantity, a field to define the number to sense, and an item slot to specify an item to search for.


Sense Mode[edit | edit source]

The Sensor can:

  • Count the number of players
  • Count the number of hostile mobs
  • Count the number of passive mobs
  • Detect the presence of a certain type of block
  • Detect the presence of a specified type of fluid
  • Detect the growth level of a plant
  • Count the number of entities

Sense Area[edit | edit source]

The Sensor can search 1, 3 or 5 blocks in front of it.

Sense Quantity[edit | edit source]

Where the sense area is greater than 1 block, the Sensor can be set to trigger when any or all of the blocks/entities in the sense area match the specified type.

Number[edit | edit source]

When sensing Players, Hostiles, Passives, Entities or Growth, the Number field is unlocked and the player can specify the number of entities or growth percentage to match.

Further information[edit | edit source]

For further information on using RFTools to process Redstone logic, see the guide RFTools Redstone Logic.


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