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Sentient Armour Gem

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Sentient Armour Gem

ModBlood Magic

The Sentient Armour Gem is a defensive item added by Blood Magic. It can be toggled to equip and unequip Sentient Armour. Right-clicking with the gem while having a minimum of 16 Demon Will in the inventory will replace equipped armour with Sentient armour with all of the enchantments from the armour that the latter replaces; when activated again, the original armour is returned. Similarly to other Sentient items, the protection it provides is directly proportional to how much Demon Will is in the inventory—the more Will, the more protection. The downside is that each hit taken will siphon a small bit of Will from the player's inventory, reducing the protection provided or reverting back to the original armor when the amount of Will drops low enough.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

This recipe requires a minimum of 240 Will to initiate crafting and drains 150 Will from the Tartaric Gem used to power the forge.