Serenade of the Nether

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Serenade of the Nether
ModBlood Magic

The Serenade of the Nether is a ritual added by Blood Magic. The Serenade of the Nether creates an infinite source of lava on the Master Ritual Stone at the cost of Life Essence, allowing for easy and infinite pumping of lava without the need to load extra chunks in the Nether.

The Serenade of the Nether has a start-up cost of 20,000 LP, and will automatically replenish itself at the cost of 500 LP per bucket of lava.

The ritual also has different effects based on the available will in the chunk's aura, as listed below.

Will Type Effect
Raw Decreases the LP cost of placing lava, and allows lava to be placed inside of a linked container.
Corrosive Entities within range of the ritual that are immune to fire are damaged severely.
Steadfast Players within a designated range have fire resistance applied to them.
Destructive Lava placement range is increased based on total will.
Vengeful Entities within range have "Fire Fuse" applied to them.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Building the Serenade of the Nether requires one Master Ritual Stone and four Ritual Stones to be placed in the below layout.

Serenade of the Nether.png

Note: The lava will spread onto the ritual stones and continue off onto any nearby blocks.

Ritual Tinkerer Information[edit | edit source]

Generates a source of lava from the master ritual stone.
Ritual Tinkerer