Shrieking Fetish

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Shrieking Fetish

The Shrieking Fetish is a fetish effect added by Witchery. This effect causes the trapped spectral beings in the object to defend the area from possible threats, or unknown/unwanted beings, by emitting a screaming sound whenever they are near. It will also emit a positive redstone signal from the fetish object. If a Witch's Ladder is used as a fetish object, a shriek will not be heard. This will not drive the creatures away, but is meant to alert a witch or warlock when a specific creature or set of creatures is near. Possible fetish objects include the Scarecrow, the Trent Effigy, and the Witch's Ladder.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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Rite of Binding

Bind spectral creatures to a Scarecrow, Trent Effigy or Witch's Ladder to create an effect.

> Fetish object
> Attuned Stone
> Necromantic Stone
> Boline

Altar power 6000

The Shrieking Fetish requires a fetish object to be bound to 3 Spirits, and 1 Banshees.