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Sifting Machine

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Sifting Machine

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textStay calm and keep sifting
Blast resistance10

The Sifting Machine is an Machine added by GregTech 5. It is used to sift purified ores of materials that have Gem forms, producing Gems and Dust.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Sifter produces a random distribution of various gems and dusts from a single Purified Crushed Ore. Each ore processed may result in zero or more of each of the following:

Type Chance
Dust 50%
Chipped 40%
Flawed 20%
Normal 15%
Flawless 4%
Exquisite 1%

These different grades of gemstones are compatible with the same items in TerraFirmaCraft.

Otherwise, Chipped or Flawed gems can only be ground into one or two small piles of dust, respectively. Flawless gems may be hammered into two Normal gems or lathed into a Long Rod and a pile of dust. Exquisite gems may be hammered into two Flawless gems or lathed into three Long Rods and a pile of dust. On average, every 100 crushed ore put into a Sifter will yield 70 dusts and 27 Normal gems worth of gemstones.

Some ores including Quartz, Lapis, and Coal are not strictly gemstones, and do not have Chipped, Flawed, Flawless, or Exquisite forms. These ores will yield the Normal item at the same rate as each of the different gemstone types, giving a total yield of 130%. In other words, every 100 crushed Coal put into a Sifter will yield 50 dust and 80 regular Coal.

GregTech 5 Unofficial[edit | edit source]

In GregTech 5 Unofficial, the Sifter's output has been increased such that the total yield from sifting gemstone-type ores is increased to 130%, to match that of the non-gemstone ores. Note that these rates only apply to gemstone-type ores. For other ores such as Quartz and Lapis, the previous table is used.

Type Chance
Dust 35%
Chipped 28%
Flawed 14%
Normal 45%
Flawless 12%
Exquisite 3%

In this case, every 100 crushed ore will yield 49 dust and 81 Normal gems worth of gemstones.