Signal Flare

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Signal Flare

Tooltip text[Color] Rounds

The Signal Flare is an item added by Botania. It shoots colored rounds into the sky.

To use, right-click while holding a Signal Flare. It will shoot colored rounds into the sky at that exact location identical to the Signal Flare's color variation. The Signal Flare has a recharge delay shown as a durability bar. When it is full, it is ready to be fired again. This item does not have durability; the durability bar on the item only shows the recharging state.

When used, entities will also be stunned when the rounds are in the sky.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The recipe shown below is for the Signal Flare that produces white rounds. To create a Signal Flare that produces a different color of rounds, change the color of the Unstable Beacon.