Silicon (Si)

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Silicon (Si)

Tooltip textSi (14)
Other Metal
Chemical compositionSi

Silicon (Si) is an item and element added by MineChem. It has the atomic number 14 and the attributes Stable, Other Metal and Solid. It is used to synthesis some chemical compounds e.g. Silicon Oxide or Talc.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Since it is an element, it cannot be synthesized. However, it can be extracted from several resources, such as Stone, Cobblestone, Grass Block, Netherrack and all it's products, with the Chemical Decomposer. It can also be produced with the Chemical Fusion and Fission Chambers.

Chemical Bucket[edit | edit source]

Silicon (Si) can be stored in space-saving chemical buckets.

Silicon in the real world[edit | edit source]

Real Silicon is a crystalline metalloid, an element of the carbon group and by mass the eighth most common element in the universe. But on earth it occurs mainly in compounds and is contained in many rocks and sand. A significant area of application it possesses due to its semiconductor properties and constitutes a base of many glasses.