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ModEx Nihilo

The Silkworm is an item added by Ex Nihilo. It is dropped very rarely when a Crook is used on Leaves, and somewhat commonly when a Crook is used on Infested Leaves.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Silkworms are mostly used to create String for Sieves and other items. They do this by infesting a leaf block, which can then be harvested with a Crook to produce String or additional Silkworms. Right-clicking on a leaf block with a silkworm will infest it. The infestation process will take some time, with fully infested (white) Leaves producing more string when harvested than greener Infested Leaves.

Silkworms can also be cooked in a Furnace to produce a Cooked Silkworm, which restores half a shank of hunger when consumed.