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Skill Points

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Skill Points
ModArs Magica 2

Skill Points are a mechanic from Ars Magica 2. They are used by the Occulus to unlock all the spell shapes, components, modifiers, and talents that Ars Magica 2 has. Skill points are divided into three different tiers- blue, green, and red in ascending order.

Obtaining Skill Points[edit | edit source]

  • Skill Points can be obtain by increasing Magic Level.
  • A player will gain 3 blue skill points when they reach a Magic level of 1; this is to allow them to unlock their first sets of spells, shapes, and components.
  • A Magic Level of 1 can be reached by obtaining an Arcane Compendium.

After a Magic level of 1, the player will continue to gain one blue skill point per level until they reach a level of 20.

At level 22, the player will start to gain green skill points until they reach a level of 40.

At level 42, the player will start to gain red skill points until they reach a level of 50.

Additionally, skill points can be obtained by Infinity Orbs.