Skin Scales

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Skin Scales

ModAdvanced Genetics

Skin Scales are an item added by Advanced Genetics. They are obtained by scraping an entity with a Scraper. The Skin Scales are hard-coded to the scraped entity and cannot be converted or changed to another entity's Skin Scales. Skin Scales only have one purpose; they are used for creating {L|Cell}} that potentially could become a Gene that the player can use to obtain a specific ability.

Skin Scales are not stackable; items that increase inventory space are recommended.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Skin Scales are used to create Cells when placed in a DNA Extractor which are used to create a Gene later on. Many Skin Scales are required, and all must be converted through machines. The products formed will be used to complete a gene granting the chosen entity an ability.

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