Sleeping Bag (mod)

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This page is about the Sleeping Bag mod. For other uses, see Sleeping Bag.
Sleeping Bag
Current developersshadowfactsmc
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2

Sleeping Bag is a mod created by shadowfactsmc. It adds one item, the Sleeping Bag, inspired by the Sleeping Bag added by OpenBlocks.

Sleeping Bag[edit | edit source]

Sleeping Bag

ModSleeping Bag

The Sleeping Bag is the sole item added by Sleeping Bag. This tool is used as a portable Bed. Using the tool at night will put the user in a sleep-like position, and will eventually switch the time to day. It will not set the user's spawn point. It can be used by either right-clicking with it, or by placing it in the chest piece slot. It will remove the current chest piece the player is wearing if used via right-click.

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