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Slightly-Larger Chest (Extra Utilities 2)

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This page is about the Slightly-Larger Chest added by Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see Slightly Larger Chest.
Slightly-Larger Chest

ModExtra Utilities 2
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance12.5
A Slightly Larger Chest to the right of a regular Chest, to display the size difference.

The Slightly-Larger Chest is a block added by Extra Utilities 2.

  • It has the same storage capacity as a regular chest, but it is exactly one block in size, so that there are no visible gaps around the chest.
  • It cannot be combined to create double chests, but they can be placed next to each other without limits.
  • It can be opened even if there is no air above it.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

"Extra Utilities 2"

"name" = ""Navbox Extra Utilities 2"" "state" = ""plain""