Smash Stone

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Smash Stone
Witchery Information

Observations of an Immortal
...first walk in the sun after his rebirth brought him to bloody tears, he felt his blood burning, but no longer instantly...
...he needed more strength, and extingishing creatures of pure fire was his solution...
...twenty died.
Ability type Vampire
Required level 6
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Altar Power required for ritual {{{altarpowerritual}}}
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Smash Stone is a Vampiric semi-passive level 6 ability from Witchery. It is semi-passive, which means it requires activation, but does not have its own hotbar icon. When this ability is gained, the player will be able to sneak-break stone blocks instantly while holding anything that is not intended to be used to break stone. This will consume a lot of blood, and hunger, which in turn consumes blood to replenish automatically.