Snow Queen

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Snow Queen
Snow queen battle.png

ModTwilight Forest
TypeHostile monster
Health points250 (Heart.svg × 125)
The Ice Queen on her throne

The Snow Queen is a Twilight Forest boss added in the 1.7.10 update. She is currently the final boss in the progression and has 250 (Heart.svg × 125) health points. She spawns at the top of one of the towers in the Aurora Palace.

During the battle, she will drift up and down on an ice cloud. The ice cloud acts as a shield for her, so she can only take melee damage when the cloud is on the floor or if the player is at the same height as her.

She has two battle phases. In her first phase, she summons Ice Crystals. These mobs will distract the player and allow her to regenerate her health. When her health drops to 125 (Heart.svg × 62.5) health points, she will enter her second phase. In this phase, she extends her arms and shoots out snow from her hands. She also has the ability to fly to the top of the chamber, then quickly fall to the ground, potentially crushing the player with her ice cloud.

The most notable items she drops when killed are the Snow Queen Trophy and the Tri-bow.