Snowflake Pendant

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Snowflake Pendant


The Snowflake Pendant is a bauble added in Botania. Wearing it allows player to turn Water they walk over into Ice. When a player walks over Water, all Water blocks in a 7x7 square centered on the player will turn to Ice.

As the player walks, the square of Ice will continue to follow them; any Ice outside of the square will quickly melt back into Water.

The player can sneak (shift by default) to allow themself to sink, causing any already generated Ice around them to melt back into water. The pendant will not work if the player is fully submerged.

To equip the Snowflake Pendant, press the "B" key (by default) to open the Baubles inventory GUI, where the player can equip the Pendant in the Amulet slot.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

FTB Infinity Evolved[edit | edit source]

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