Solar Panel (GregTech 5)

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This page is about the Solar Panel added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Solar Panel.
Solar Panel

ModGregTech 5

The GregTech 5 Solar Panel from is a cover that can be attached to Wires, Machines, or Machine Blocks and produces EU from sunlight. A Solar Panel will generate EU when it can see the sun (daytime, not raining, and no opaque blocks above it). Solar Panels will also produce 1/8th of their rated EU/t during rain or nighttime. The basic tier will generate 1EU/t. There are Tiers for every Voltage, but they are disabled by default. All tiers of Solar Panels can be enabled in OverpoweredStuff.cfg. Each higher tier produces 4x the EU/t of the previous tier, except for the Solar Panel (8V) which produces 8x the EU/t of the base Solar Panel.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

An Ultimate Solar Panel is made of:

524.288 Solar Panels
65.536 Advanced Circuits
16.384 Ultra Low Voltage Transformers
4096 Low Voltage Transformers
1024 Medium Voltage Transformers
256 High Voltage Transformers
64 Extreme Transformers
16 Insane Transformers
4 Ludicrous Transforers
1 ZPM Voltage Transformer

or 8.388.608 Carbon Dust
2.162.688 Silicon
2.097.152 Redstone
1.577.984 Copper Ingots
1.213.846 Iron Ingots
285.901 Tin Ingots
152.964 Rubber Sheets
66.816 Gold Ingots
65.536 Lapis
65.536 Glowstone Dust
49.152 Lead Ingots
29.492 Antimony
8512 Aluminium Ingots
512 Titanium Ingots
260 Chrome Ingots
228 Manganese
228 Nickel
224 Tungsten Ingot
28 Osmium Ingots
8 Iridium Ingots