Solderer (Refined Storage)

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This page is about the Solderer added by Refined Storage. For other uses, see Solderer.

ModRefined Storage
Blast resistance9.5

The Solderer is a machine added by Refined Storage. It has been removed after Refined Storage 1.6 and is replaced with the Cutting Tool.

This workhorse has been the first Refined Storage machine to be created as it is used to manufacture all advanced items including Processors and Upgrades. Only Speed Upgrades are compatible with the Solderer.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Operation[edit | edit source]

Once placed in the world, the Solderer's GUI can be opened with a right-click. The player is presented with a redstone mode switch, three input slots, a single output slot and four upgrade slots. The Solderer can be automated with a Crafter and an Importer or with item transport pipes/ducts.


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