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Soul Shards: The Old Ways

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Soul Shards: The Old Ways
Modicon Soul Shards The Old Ways.png
Current developersTehNut
Past developersTeamWammich
Latest version2.7.3-52
Latest Minecraft version1.12.1
IRC channel#tehnutconnect

Soul Shards: The Old Ways is a re-creation of Soul Shards 1 originally by TeamWammich, later maintained by TehNut. Soul Shards: The Old Ways adds a system for obtaining a spawner for any mob. In Soul Shards: The Old Ways, Mob Souls are collected by killing mobs while having a Soul Shard in either the hotbar or offhand slot.

Soul Shards: The Old Ways begun as Soul Shards: Reborn by moze_intel after Soul Shards 1 and 2 by ShadwDrgn were abandoned. Eventually, Soul Shards: Reborn was abandoned, and as such, TeamWammich, later followed by TehNut, created Soul Shards: The Old Ways.

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