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The Spark is an entity added by Botania. It is used to transport large amounts of Mana.

Sparks can be placed on top of Mana Pools of any type, as well as Terrestrial Agglomeration Plates and Mana Enchanters, by right-clicking them. The Spark entity has a 25x25x25 functional range centered on itself. When a device with a Spark attached needs Mana, it will drain all Mana Pools with Sparks in its range.

Spark Augments can be applied by right-clicking a Spark, or powering a Spark Tinkerer adjacent to the block the Spark is attached to with a redstone signal.

Shift right-clicking on a Spark with a Wand of the Forest will pick it up. If the Spark is augmented, it will remove the augment instead.

The Mana transfer speed is 1,000 Mana per tick, per connection.

Using Phantom Ink on a Spark will increase its transparency. This does not consume the ink.

Recipe[edit | edit source]