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Spear (Balkon's WeaponMod)

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ModBalkon's WeaponMod
This page is about the weapons added by Balkon's WeaponMod. For other uses, see Spear.

The Spear is a type of weapon added by Balkon's WeaponMod. There are five types of Spear with different durability and damage stats. It can be used as a melee weapon by left-clicking, or can be thrown great distances by right-clicking. Both throwing and using the Spear inflict the same amount of damage.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Material Durability Damage Knockback

60 3 -0.2

132 4 -0.2

251 5 -0.2

33 3 0

1562 6 -0.2