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Frav Leggings Tier II

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|name=Frav Leggings Tier II
|imageicon={{Gc|mod=TMOR2TMOR|link=none|Frav Leggings Tier II}}
|mod=The Mists of RioV 2
|prevtier={{Gc|mod=TMOR2TMOR|Frav Leggings}}
The '''Frav Leggings Tier II''' is an armor added by [[The Mists of RioV 2]] mod, now [[The Mists of RioV]]. It as an upgraded version of the [[Frav Leggings]].
|I1={{Gc|mod=TMOR2TMOR|Enhancer Gem}}
|I2={{Gc|mod=TMOR2TMOR|Frav Leggings}}
|O={{Gc|mod=TMOR2TMOR|link=none|Frav Leggings Tier II}}
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