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Fibrous Taint (Thaumcraft 5)

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'''Fibrous Taint''' is a block from [[Thaumcraft 5]]. It can be found in [[Tainted Lands]] Biome, or is spawned randomly by the decay of [[Flux Goo]]. Fibrous Taint will spread if there is [[Vitium]] in the aura, growing onto blocks, and converting them into their tainted variants. It will convert [[Dirt]] and dirt like blocks into [[Tainted Dirt]], Stone and other rocklike blocks into [[Tainted Rock]], [[Wood]] into [[Taintwood Log]] and [[Leaf]] blocks into [[Crusted Taint]]. Each of these tainted blocks can spawn more Fibrous Taint and, with the exception of Tainted Rock, acts like Fibrous Taint and can taint adjacent blocks.
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