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Disorientation Fetish

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The '''Disorientation Fetish''' is a fetish effect from the [[Witchery]] mod. This effect causes beings that approach the area of the fetish object to become confused. Unarmed and unarmored players are not perceived as a threat, and as such will not gain the effect. Possible fetish objects include the [[Scarecrow (Witchery)|Scarecrow]], the [[Trent Effigy]], and the [[Witch's Ladder]]. The Disorientation Fetish requires a fetish object to be [[Rite of Binding|bound]] to 3 [[Spirit]]s, and 3 [[Spectre]]s. It must use a [[Circle Talisman (Medium Ritual)|11x11 circle]] of [[Ritual Chalk|ritual glyphs]], and of course a [[Golden Chalk|heart glyph]]. The foci items include the fetish object, an [[Attuned Stone]], a [[Necromantic Stone]], and a [[Boline]]. It must have 6000 available [[Altar (Witchery)|Altar]] power.
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