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'''Elementals''' are hostile mobs in [[Blood Magic]] that can be summoned by the player. Elementals will rarely drop [[Demon Blood Shard]]s, which are used in the creation of the [[Archmage's Blood Orb]].
Elementals are summoned similarly to [[Demon_(Blood_Magic)#Lesser Demons|Lesser Demons]] in that they only require a single ring of a [[Arcane Plinth|summoning circle]] to be constructed. Like the Lesser Demon, Elementals have 100 HP (50 hearts). However, unlikeUnlike Lesser Demons, all Elementals are capable of flight and are more aggressive and dangerous. YouPlayers should prepare yourselfthemselves specifically for each elemental, as each one has a unique combat ability.
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! Elemental !! Ingredient || Ability
| Air || Aether || Launches youthe player high into the air
| Fire || Incendium || Sets youthe player ablaze
| Water || Aquasalus || Inflicts Drowning and Inhibit on youthe player
| Earth || Terrae || Inflicts Slowness and Inhibit on youthe player
| Shade || Currently unavailable || Currently unavailable
| Holy || Sanctus || Inflicts Poison on youthe player
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