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# Ore dictionary name Item name Mod name Grid parameters
1 logWood Oak Wood V
2 logWood Spruce Wood V
3 logWood Birch Wood V
4 logWood Jungle Wood V
5 plankWood Oak Planks V
6 slabWood Oak Slab V
7 stairWood Oak Stairs V
8 plankWood Spruce Planks V
9 slabWood Spruce Slab V
10 stairWood Spruce Stairs V
11 plankWood Birch Planks V
12 slabWood Birch Slab V
13 stairWood Birch Stairs V
14 plankWood Jungle Planks V
15 slabWood Jungle Slab V
16 stairWood Jungle Stairs V
17 ingotCopper Copper Ingot TE3
18 ingotCopper Copper Ingot IC2
19 ingotCopper Copper Ingot F
20 ingotCopper Copper Ingot RP2
21 oreCopper Copper Ore TE3
22 oreCopper Copper Ore IC2
23 oreCopper Copper Ore F
24 oreCopper Copper Ore RP2
25 oreCopper Copper Ore TC
26 treeLeaves Oak Leaves V
27 treeLeaves Spruce Leaves V
28 treeLeaves Birch Leaves V
29 treeLeaves Jungle Leaves V
30 treeSapling Oak Sapling V
31 treeSapling Spruce Sapling V
32 treeSapling Birch Sapling V
33 treeSapling Jungle Sapling V
38 stoneSand Sandstone V
39 stoneSand Smooth Sandstone V
40 stoneSand Chiseled Sandstone V
61 beeComb Honey Comb F
62 beeComb Simmering Comb F
63 beeComb Stringy Comb F
64 beeComb Frozen Comb F
67 craftingChest Chest V
68 craftingChest Trapped Chest V
83 craftingRedstoneReceiver Redstone Receiver (IN) GT4
84 craftingRedstoneReceiver Redstone Receiver (OUT) GT4
85 craftingRedstoneTransmitter Redstone Transmitter (IN) GT4
86 craftingRedstoneTransmitter Redstone Transmitter (OUT) GT4
87 craftingExtractor Extractor IC2
88 craftingExtractor Automatic Extractor GT4
89 craftingGearTier03 Titanium Gear GT4
90 craftingGearTier03 Tungstensteel Gear GT4