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Tooltip textIn the shell

The Spectranthemum is a functional flower added by Botania. When supplied with Mana, it will teleport nearby items to the bound location nearby.

The flower will teleport dropped items in a 5x5x5 area around the flower to the top of the bound block in a 12 block radius. Each teleport uses 25 Mana per item. Item entities that have already been teleported by the flower or contain Mana cannot be teleported by this flower.

To select the target location, shift-right click the flower with the Wand of the Forest in Bind Mode, then shift-right click the chosen block.

When a player holding a Wand of the Forest is sneaking, looking at this flower will highlight the bound block instead of its Mana source.

Spectranthemum is not found naturally and must be planted by a player.