Spell Table

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Spell Table

ModBlood Magic
TypeSolid block

The Spell Table is a block added by Blood Magic that is used as a focus for the Basic Spell System. It is used in conjunction with a Unbound Crystal and a Blood Altar.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

FTB Infinity Evolved[edit | edit source]

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Use[edit | edit source]

After crafting a Spell Table, place it next to a Blood Altar. After that, one must place a skull on the Spell table to determine what type of effect will ensue when casting the spell. A Skeleton Skull denotes an Offensive-Ranged spell, Wither Skull is Offensive-Melee, Zombie Head allows for Defensive Spells, and the Creeper Head is for Environmental spells. Once one has chosen what type of spell one wants, the player can place several items in the adjacent Blood Altar to denote exactly what spell one wants to cast.

Skeleton Wither Zombie Creeper
Flint and Steel 3x3 Area set on fire, centered on projectile Shoots 9 Projectiles, all setting 3x3 fires Sets mobs on fire, centered around the player Sets a 3x3 area on fire, centered on player
Ice Fires a projectile that does 5-6 damage 5 Horizontal Projectiles are fired that do 5-6 damage Creates a 5x5 wall or floor of ice blocks Freezes water in 5x5 area, centered on the player
TNT Creates an explosion where the projectile lands Creates and explosion in front of the player Explosion centered on player, only affects entities, ignores armor and damages the player to 1 health Large explosion centered on player, affects blocks and entities, hurts player.
Ghast Tear Projectile throws any mobs it hits into air Throws mobs high enough to do 17 fall damage on flat ground Propels player forward 30 blocks in viewing direction, a more powerful version of the Air Sigil Launches nearby mobs upward, centered on the player
Glowstone Dust Fires a projectile that deals 8 damage Causes rain Causes random lightning strikes around the player Creates a lightning strike where the projectile hits
Water Bucket Fires a projectile that instantly deals 8 damage and causes entities to drown, dealing 6 damage Fires 9 projectiles that do 3 damage, and cause hit entities to drown Causes nearby mobs to drown, causing 12 damage. Fills a 3x3 area centered on the player with water source blocks
Obsidian Fires a projectile that deals 8 damage and causes the Slowness III effect for 4 seconds Fires 9 projectiles that deal 3 damage and cause the Slowness III effect for 4 seconds Creates a hollow 5x5 stone cube centered on player, with a glass block at the top center Turns water into dirt and sand within a 4 block radius of player
Ender Pearl Teleports the player to projectile, and if it hits a mob, positions are swapped Projectile randomly teleports a mob Randomly teleports player Randomly teleports mobs surrounding player
Apprentice Blood Orb Fires a projectile, dealing 8 damage AOE attack directly in front of player, causing 5 maximum damage Fires several projectiles around the player, doing 8 damage Large explosion centered on the player, only affecting entities

Once one has selected the skull and item to use, one must right click on the Spell Table with an Unbound Crystal. The crystal should also be bound to the player. After that, the player only has to right click with the Crystal to cast the spell, at the cost of LP.