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This page is about the Spells added by Roots. For other uses, see Spells.

Spells are a mechanic added by Roots.

Creation[edit | edit source]

A Spell can be created in a Mortar. Right-clicking the Mortar with items (ingredients) will add them to it. Right-clicking the Mortar with a Pestle will create the Spell in the form of a Petal Dust.

Every Spell requires at least one Old Root or other base ingredient and 3-4 other ingredients.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Modifiers can be added to the Spell during its creation. The amount of modifiers supported depends on the base ingredient used.

Base ingredient Amount of modifiers supported

Old Root

Verdant Sprig

Infernal Bulb

Dragon's Eye

Each modifier extends the Spell in some way.

Modifier Description

Glowstone Dust
Increases the potency.

Increases the efficiency (durability).

Increases size.

Casting[edit | edit source]

A Spell stored in a Petal Dust cannot be cast by itself. It must be placed inside an Imbuer along with a Stick to get a Staff. The Staff can then be held and released to launch the Spell. The durability of the Staff is 33 + 16 * the efficiency.

List of Spells[edit | edit source]


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