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TypeNeutral monster
Health points4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)

The Spirit is a neutral creature added by Witchery. This creature is found naturally spawned in the Spirit World dimension. It has 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) health points and when slain will drop a Subdued Spirit. Subdued Spirits can be taken back to the Overworld, and are used to spawn Spirits like a Spawn egg. Spirits are used in conjuration and fetish magic. Naturally spawned Spirits will despawn if the player moves far enough away, but Spirits spawned with a Subdued Spirit will not as of Witchery 0.18.0.

History[edit | edit source]

Version history
0.18.0Spirits spawned from Subdued Spirits will not despawn.
0.24.0The Spirit's spawn rate can be increased with a config option.