Spreader Turntable

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Spreader Turntable

TypeSolid block

The Spreader Turntable is a block added by Botania. It can spin Mana Spreaders that are placed right above it (including the Redstone Mana Spreader and the Elven Mana Spreader), as long as a redstone signal is not applied. When a redstone signal is applied, the turntable will stop spinning the Mana Spreader above.

The Mana Spreader right above the turntable can still receive and fire Mana.

The rotation speed can be sped up and reset using a Wand of the Forest by right-clicking the Turntable while holding the Wand. Green arrows will appear when speeding up the Turntable to show the current speed. Right-clicking after it has hit the maximum speed will reset the turntable back to the normal rotation speed.

The Turntable will not spin anything other than a Spreader, and anything other than a Spreader placed right above it will act like a normal block.