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Current developersCoolSquid
Latest version2.1.4

SquidUtils is a mod by CoolSquid. SquidUtils adds several config options for Vanilla Minecraft features, as listed below. All features are fully configurable.

Features[edit | edit source]

SquidUtils has a broad range of features:

Scripting[edit | edit source]

Main article: SquidUtils scripting

SquidUtils can read simple script files located at "config/SquidUtils". The following features are available through scripting:

  • Triggering certain actions (explosions, damage, ...) when certain events occur.
  • Changing hardness, slipperiness, blast resistance and textures of individual blocks.
  • Changing the maximum stack size and durability of individual items.
  • Creating custom blocks (normal, glass or (with StarStones) meteor blocks).
  • Creating custom items and foods.
  • Removing potions, enchantments, biomes.
  • Removing fish, junk and treasure.
  • Removing certain types of mob spawners from dungeons, as well as chest loot.
  • Removing villagers.
  • Disabling individual commands.
  • Creating simple commands which can read text from a file or retrieve it from the internet.
  • Creating new creative tabs.
  • Adding shapeless and furnace recipes.
  • Adding recipes for Rotarycraft and Thermal Expansion machines
  • Making certain items explode when thrown.

Customization[edit | edit source]

SquidUtils generates configuration files in the config/SquidUtils folder for customizing the following game aspects:

  • GUIs.
  • Achievements.
  • Armor and tool materials.
  • Biomes.
  • Blocks and block materials.
  • Items.
  • Dungeon chests.
  • Crash callables.
  • Creative tabs.
  • Damage sources.
  • Enchantments.
  • Fishing.
  • Mobs.
  • Botania brewing and elven trade recipes.

Disabling[edit | edit source]

The following game aspects can be disabled:

  • Anvils.
  • Teleportation.
  • Use of certain commands.
  • Bone Meal.
  • Hoes.
  • Glass Bottles.
  • Achievements.
  • The debug screen.
  • Explosions or TNT.
  • Enderman or Ender Pearl teleportation.
  • The Wither.
  • All Vanilla recipes, or all recipes.
  • Plant growth (requires AppleCore).
  • Passive health regeneration (requires AppleCore).

Difficulty changes[edit | edit source]

Various aspects regarding the difficulty of the game can be changed:

  • Block hardness multiplier, as well as setting a minimum hardness for all blocks.
  • Forcing a difficulty.
  • Dividing all stack sizes by a specified number.
  • Dividing all items' durability by a specified number.
  • Giving all tools infinite durability.
  • Setting the starvation damage amount (requires AppleCore).
  • Changing the player's walk or fly speed.
  • Making Minecarts with TNT explode on impact with entities.

Mod locking[edit | edit source]

You can configure SquidUtils to monitor the list of mods in a pack and detect if a user added an unsupported mod.

  • Display a warning GUI if an unsupported mod is loaded.

Miscalleaneous[edit | edit source]

  • A world border.
  • Making villagers unhurtable.
  • Option to generate a list of mods in the Minecraft folder.
  • Recipes for chain armor.
  • A config option to set max render distance.
  • Option to password protect Minecraft (just for fun, should not be considered safe).
  • A toggleable creative tab for certain Vanilla items.

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