Stabilized Mob Spawner

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Stabilized Mob Spawner

ModDraconic Evolution
TypeSolid block

The Stabilized Mob Spawner is a block added by Draconic Evolution. The Stabilized Mob Spawner is obtained by right-clicking a vanilla mob spawner with a Draconic Core, Wyvern Core, Awakened Core or Chaotic Core. When the Core is applied, the spawner will drop as an item and can be picked up by the player. When the spawner initially drops, it retains the information about the type of mob to spawn. The Stabilized Spawner can now be relocated to a more useful location.

A redstone signal can be used to turn off the Spawner.

Mob Souls[edit | edit source]

When harvested, a Stabilized Mob Spawner will lose the information on the type of mob to spawn and must be "programmed" with a Mob Soul. Mob Souls are a rare drop when killing a mob using a Draconic Evolution weapon. The percentage chance of a Mob Soul drop can be increased with the Reaper enchantment.

Using a tool that preserves metadata such as an Empty Sack of Holding from Cyclic can relocate the spawner without losing its mob soul.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

The tier of a Stabilized Mob Spawner is determined by the Core used. Right-clicking a Stabilized Mob Spawner with a different kind of core will apply the new Core and release the old Core.

  • Draconic Core: Spawns up to 4 mobs every 10-40 seconds. A player must be in range and all normal spawning requirements must be met.
  • Wyvern Core: Spawns up to 6 mobs every 5-20 seconds. Player is not required but all normal spawning requirements must be met.
  • Awakened Core: Spawns up to 8 mobs every 2.5-10 seconds. No other requirements.
  • Chaotic Core: Spawns up to 12 mobs every 1.25-5 seconds. No other requirements.