Steam Turbine Generator

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Steam Turbine Generator
ModAdvanced Generators
TypeMultiblock machine
Required blocks

Optional blocks
Power Capacitor

Fluid Intake Valve
Output Module

Sensor Module
Efficiency Upgrade

A Steam Turbine Generator is a multiblock structure from Advanced Generators that generates power by processing Steam. The component blocks can be arranged in any configuration the player wishes as long as the blocks are adjacent to other components of the multiblock structure.

Components[edit | edit source]

Required[edit | edit source]

Optional[edit | edit source]

GUI[edit | edit source]

Steam Turbine Generator GUI

  • Fuel tank and power capacitor to the left.
  • Stats to the right (mouse over provides explanations).
  • Clicking wrench button allows output configuration.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Power output depends on the speed of the turbines (measured in RPM).
  • Each turbine installed will increase the maximum steam flow and power production, up to a maximum of combined turbine speed 5000 RPM per machine.
  • If steam flow is reduced or stopped the turbines will slow according to their inertia rating and the power output will gradually decrease.

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