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Current developersBrassGoggledCoders
Past developersSurseance
Current versionB5.0.2
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Depends onBoilerplate
Discord serverLink
IRC channel#BrassGoggledCodersconnect

Steamcraft2 is the spiritual successor to Proloe's Steamcraft, which was discontinued back in Minecraft B1.8.1. Other than the name, and a few of the original Steamcraft features/ideas, the mod has an entirely new take on all things steampunk. Its aim is "to extend Minecraft by adding post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic blocks/items".

The mod was rewritten entirely during the transition from Minecraft 1.7.10 and now has a successor, SteamAgeRevolution.

Developers/Credits[edit | edit source]


  • warlordjones: leader(ish), author of the mod Steampunkery (which was merged into SC2), programmer; speciality: fancy, items/vanity system and breaking things
  • decebaldecebal: programmer; speciality: complicated tile entities, power systems, GUIs, cleanup
  • domi1918: Core Modular Armor System Author


  • wierdude1999: texture-artist
  • seanvanpelt2: logo creator, artist
  • frothiny: texture-artist


  • Falkok15: lightning-rod model creator
  • Rongmario: support
  • seanvanpelt2: alpha/beta tester
  • The People of the Brass Blocks server: ideas/motivations
  • ClockwerkKaiser: Chief Motivator! :P
  • MrIbby: documenter/wiki manager
  • HCSarise: documenter
  • Stetzon: documenter
  • Some textures are edited versions of textures from the Painterly Pack


  • Surseance: ex-leader(ish), programmer.

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