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This page contains information for modders, wishing to add integration or create addons for Steamcraft2. For regular users, this information is not very useful.

Ore Dictionary[edit | edit source]

All Ores, Ingots, Metal Blocks, Nuggets, Plates and dusts are registered according to Ore Dictionary Conventions (typeMaterial, e.g. ingotIron). Please note Cast Iron is registered as ingotCastIron not ingotCastiron. Listed below are additional items registered in the Ore Dictionary:

Metal Parts are registered as "part" e.g. "partCopperGear". For miscellaneous other registrations, see here

API[edit | edit source]

The API can be found in the 'steamapi' package of Boilerplate.

Modules[edit | edit source]

To add an item as a module, implement IArmorModule. You also need to register it using ModuleRegistry.registerModule()

Chisel[edit | edit source]

To add a block that can be chiseled by our chisel, implement IChiselable on the block, and return the block it should be chiseled into in the method IChiselable makes you add.