Stirling Generator (Ender IO)

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This page is about the Ender IO Stirling Generator. For other uses, see Stirling Generator.
Stirling Generator

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textBurns solid fuels to generate power
Can be upgraded to increase output and efficiency with capacitors
RF storage100,000 RF
Max RF output20 RF/t
RF production20 RF/t

The Stirling Generator is a machine added by Ender IO. It is used to generate Redstone Flux (RF) by burning solid fuels.

The Stirling Generator has a very simple GUI- there is one slot intended for Furnace fuels. While burning those fuels, 20 RF/t will be produced.

The machine can be upgraded with a Double-Layer Capacitor or an Octadic Capacitor, making it 60% more efficient and output 40 RF/t, and making it 100% more efficient and output 80 RF/t, respectively.

It is the first tier generator of the mod and often the first generator that the player will create.

Recipe[edit | edit source]