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The Stoneling is a passive mob added by Quark.

Entity Q Stoneling.png
TypeFriendly monster
Health points4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)
Unrecognised parameter: 1

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Stonelings spawn rarely in dark caves deep underground. They need a 1x1x1 area to spawn in. They will always spawn carrying an item that they will drop when killed. Using a Heart of Diamond on stone will create a tamed stoneling.

Quark Stoneling.png

Drops[edit | edit source]

Stonelings will always drop the item they are holding and have a 20% chance to drop a Heart of Diamond. Looting enhances that chance with a multiplier of 0.033. Looting does not effect any other drops.

Drop Chance Amount
Redstone 11 10-15
Iron Ingot 11 4-7
Gold Ingot 11 2-6
Coal 11 18-26
Zombie Head 9.2 1
Creeper Head 9.2 1
Ender Pearl 7.4 1
Emerald 7.4 1-3
Lapis Lazuli 7.4 4-8
Diamond 3.7 1
Name Tag 3.7 1
Golden Apple 1.8 1
Saddle 1.8 1
Iron Horse Armor 1.8 1
Golden Horse Armor 1.5 1
Diamond Horse Armor 1.1 1

*Note: chance is rounded to nearest tenth place.

Additionally, Stonelings have a small chance of dropping a Heart of Diamond which may be used on a any stone block to create a tame Stoneling, or may be used in the crafting of the Pickarang.

No experience is rewarded when killing one.

Behavior and Appearance[edit | edit source]

All stonelings are immune to fall damage. When shot with an arrow, the arrow will simply bounce off of the stoneling without causing it damage.

Wild Stonelings[edit | edit source]

Stonelings are nervous, flighty creatures. If a player approaches too closely without sneaking, they will startle, run away and vanish. When the stoneling vanishes nothing will drop. It is possible to reach and kill a stoneling without sneaking if you are fast enough,

Tamed Stonelings[edit | edit source]

Using a Heart of Diamond on stone will create a tamed stoneling. You can give them items by shift+right clicking with the item and they will hold them for you. Using the same action when it's already holding something will swap items with what you are holding. An empty hand will take what it is holding from it. They can hold up to a full stack of an item.

Holding stone and right clicking the stoneling, the will eat it and change texture to complement the texture of stone it was last fed.

You can feed them the following stone types.

  1. smooth stone
  2. diorite
  3. granite
  4. andesite
  5. marble
  6. limestone
  7. basalt,

Quark Stoneling Closeup.png


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