Storage Blocks

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This page is about the general term. For the Applied Energistics Storage Block, see Storage Block.

Storage Blocks are a way of compressing multiple Ingots or Gems into a single block in order to save space. They can also be used decoratively.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Most storage blocks can be created in the following manner.

Storage blocks can be converted back into ingots or gems like so.

GregTech 5[edit | edit source]

With GregTech 5 by default storage blocks require the Compressor to be created.

Storage blocks made with gems can still be crafted back into gems, but those made from ingots require a Furnace or Alloy Smelter to be split apart.

Total: ? EU
Usage: ? EU/t
Voltage: ? EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 6 secs

In addition, all storage blocks may be macerated into Dusts in the Macerator.