Strainer Base

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Strainer Base

ModWater Strainer
Tooltip textGenerates items while in water.
Requires a Strainer.

The Strainer Base is a machine added by Water Strainer. It can be used to collect various items from Water using strainers (such as the Survivalist's Strainer), and picks up items dropped on it, similar to a Hopper.

The Strainer Base's GUI can be accessed by right clicking it and contains a slot for a strainer item, a slot for bait (such as Worms), a slot for a Bait Pot, and 28 output slots. When placed directly below a block of Water and supplied with a strainer, it will periodically collect items in its output slots while damaging the strainer in the process.

Efficiency[edit | edit source]

Each Strainer Base also has an Efficiency (noted Bonus Efficiency in game) that can be measured using an Efficiency Meter. The higher it is, the faster the Strainer Base will collect items, and the lower it is the slower it will collect them.

There are 5 factors that can affect Efficiency, each stacking additively with the others:

  • The Strainer used, some provide bonuses to Efficiency when used (such as the Solid Survivalist's Strainer)
  • Being in a (Deep) Ocean, Beach or River gives a bonus of 10%, 15% and 20% respectively
  • Being below a flowing Water block rather than a source one gives a 10% bonus
  • When below a flowing Water block, each block away (excluding the first one) from the source gives a 3% penalty
    • This corresponds to the "level" of the flowing block
  • Each other Strainer Base in the 8 horizontally adjacent blocks gives a 15% penalty

The base time it takes for the Strainer Base to catch an item is a random number between 25 and 35 seconds. Once determined, (Bonus) Efficiency affects it in the following way:

This means, for example, that +25% Efficiency will reduce the time between 2 catches by 20% (thus providing about 25% more items per unit of time), while -100% Efficiency will double the time between 2 catches.

Recipe[edit | edit source]