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Sword of the Zephyr (Thaumcraft 3)

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This page is about the Thaumcraft 3 Sword of the Zephyr. For other uses, see Sword of the Zephyr.
Sword of the Zephyr

ModThaumcraft 3
Thaumcraft 3 Information
Sword of the Zephyr

You have merged the elemental fury of a wand of lightning with a thaumium sword.

When used to strike a foe, the blade will sweep in a wide arc, hitting additional foes near you main target.

While blocking the sword will conjure a sphere of whirling winds around you, pushing enemies and loose objects away and deflecting incoming projectiles.

While blocking it will also reduce your falling speed to a gentle glide.

Required research Wand of Lightning
You have merged the elemental fury of a wand of lightning with a thaumium sword.

The Sword of the Zephyr is an elemental weapon added by Thaumcraft 3. It has similar damage and durability to the vanilla Diamond Sword, however when used to attack a target, it sweeps in a wide area, dealing damage to other damageable entities close to your target.

The Sword of the Zephyr can also conjure a flurry of wind around the user that pushes entities and loose objects away from the user. It also deflects projectiles such as arrows. Blocking while falling will also reduce falling speed to a gentle fall.

The Wand of Lightning must be researched before the player can unlock the ability to research the Sword of the Zephyr.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Sword of the Zephyr uses a wide arc attack to deal damage to multiple enemies. Each indirect attack to a nearby entity reduces the durability as it counts as a use.

Right-clicking (blocking) with the Sword of the Zephyr conjours a sphere of wind to push back entities and deflect projectiles. Doing so while falling reduces the fall speed to a glide, reducing fall damage.

The Sword of the Zephyr holds enchantments well as a Thaumium weapon.