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Tainted Blood Pendant

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Tainted Blood Pendant


The Tainted Blood Pendant is a bauble added by Botania. When worn in the Baubles Amulet slot, the player will be given the potion effect infused into the pendant for the duration of 4 seconds (14 seconds for Night Vision) every 4 seconds.

Infusing the pendant with a brew requires putting it in a Botanical Brewery with all the brew ingredients. The infusion takes 10 times as much Mana as brewing a vial with the same potion. Brews of Instant Health, Absorption, Absolution and Overload cannot be infused.

The pendant's Mana cost per tick is calculated as follows: Cost=\left \lceil ( 2.5 \times Cost_{vial} ) \div ( Duration \times Level ) \right \rceil

where Cost is the Pendant's cost per tick, Cost_{vial} is the crafting cost of the brew in a vial, Durationis its duration in ticks, and Level is the effect's level. This value is rounded up to the next integer.

For example, the pendant infused with Haste II costs (2.5\times4000)\div(1800\times2) = 3 Mana per tick.

Recipe[edit | edit source]