Tale of Kingdoms

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Tale of Kingdoms
Modicon Tale of Kingdoms.png
Current developersTyberAlyx
Supported Minecraft versions1.1.0

A Tale of Kingdoms is a total conversion mod created by TyberAlyx that changes the gameplay to a singleplayer RPG. It creates a Guild with citizens inside, a Guild Master which helps the player along the road to becoming a King. Once the player becomes King, they can create their own town with the aid of the Town Builder. It currently only has four tiers (The area the walls take up) in which the player's buildings can be placed. Another two tiers are being developed which will allow castles to be built and a new boss from the Nether.

This mod is only functional on in single player.

A Tale of Kingdoms is discontinued. The developer, TyberAlyx has given permission for anyone to update it, as long as they do not take credit for the mod itself. One of the most updated versions of the mod is developed by aginsun for Minecraft version 1.7.

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